WVYD currently has 14 active chapters with 200 chartered members. We have an additional 10 chapters in the process of building/rebuilding, so check back often to see if their meetings have been scheduled! Clubs with an active Facebook page are linked. 

If you don't see a chapter listed that represents you're area, and you're willing to help us build one, click here! It's easy to do and we'll work with you every step of the way. If your chapter is "currently building," feel free to email our Vice President of Membership, Sammi Brown, at [email protected] to be connected with the organizers! 

Young Professional Chapters: 

Cabell County: meets every 2nd Friday at 6 pm. Location changes, so follow them on Facebook.

Eastern Panhandle (Jefferson, Berkeley, & Morgan Co.): meets every other Friday. Location changes, so follow them on Facebook.

Greenbrier Valley (Greenbrier, Monroe, Summers, & Pocahontas Co.): (currently building)

Jackson County: (currently building)

Kanawha Valley: meets every last Wednesday at 7 pm. Location changes, so follow them on Facebook.

New River (Fayette, Raleigh, & Nicholas Co.): meets every 4th Wednesday at 6 pm. Location changes, so follow them on Facebook.

North Central (Mon, Marion, Preston & Harrison Co.): meetings move to cover the region, so follow them on Facebook.

Ohio County: meets every 4th Tuesday at 6 pm at Generations in Wheeling.

Potomac Highlands (Mineral, Hampshire, Grant, Hardy, & Pendleton Co.): (currently building)

Putnam County: (currently building)

Southern West Virginia (Mercer & McDowell Co.): (currently building)

*To be a voting member in a Young Dems chapter, you must be under 40. However, we encourage people of all ages to attend meetings and participate!

College Chapters:

Bethany College: (currently building)

Fairmont State University: (currently building)

Marshall University: meets every Thursday at 6:30 pm in Harris Hall, Room 102.

Shepherd University: (currently building)

University of Charleston: (currently building)

West Liberty: (currently building)

West Virginia Wesleyan:  meets every Monday at 7 pm in Kresge.

West Virginia University: meets every Thursday at 7 pm in the Mountainlair, Blackwater Room.

West Virginia University's Democratic Law Caucus: meetings change to accommodate class schedules, so follow them on Facebook.

High School Chapters:

Fayetteville High School: Sponsor, Mr. Crist

Oak Hill High School: Sponsor, Ms. Wright

Riverside High School: Sponsor, Mr. Denham

Are we missing your high school chapter? Please contact our Executive Director, Lacey Connelly, at [email protected] with your information. 


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